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SAIE (Shanghai Auto Inspection Equipment) is offering Auto inspection equipment, auto repair equipment, and auto maintenance equipment, in automobile maintenance business, how important the equipment is!

Since 1993, SAIE has been working on making auto inspection equipment , automobile repairing device and machines., then, we have been dedicated to expanding our market while providing superior quality boring machines, tire changers, exhaust gas analyzer, headlight testers, automobile diagnosing instruments, etc.
We put our nearly two decades of experience to work for you in providing the highest quality products and equipments, at the lowest prices. We have cooperative agreements with reliable manufacturers of auto inspection, repair and maintenance equipment, etc., in addition to having access to low-cost shipping, labor, and land. We are here to provide you with consultation services to help you choose the most suitable auto repair, inspection, and maintenance equipments for your needs.

SAIE is ISO9000 certified. Our exhaust gas analyzer, chassis dynamometer, wheel aligner, tire changers, and vehicle lift are all CE certified. With our reliable product performance, economical prices, and large product inventory, we have won many customers in South America, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East, among others.

As an experienced auto inspection equipment and auto repair equipment supplier, we know that good service is key to getting and keeping customers. So, we have established a complete customer service system to serve our customers. We provide our customers with equipment installation and testing, and lifelong maintenance service. In addition, we offer consultation service if you have any problem or question about our machines.

SAIE is located in Shanghai, an international metropolis and the largest port city in China. This location enables us to provide prompt delivery and greatly reduces our transportation cost, and our customers' international freight charges as well., welcome you! And thanks!

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