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Vertical Fine Boring Machine

Vertical Fine Boring Machine

T170S vertical fine boring machine provides us with an ideal solution for boring cylinders holes of motorcycles, tractors, automobiles, heavy duty trucks, engineering machinery, and large-sized buses, among many others. This cylinder boring machine is also applicable for processing and machining any other precision holes.

Why choose our fine boring machine?
1. Both the rotation speed and feed of boring machine spindle is controlled by a stepless speed governor, so our vertical fine boring machine has a wide range of operating speeds. And the spindle operation data is displayed on a digital displayer, so the machine is easy to operate.
2. The hand wheel for feeding spindle is user-friendly designed and rationally mounted on the carriage, so it is very convenient for us to operate the machine.
3. The spindle of our vertical boring machine is designed with a fast centering device, which greatly improves processing efficiency.

4. Additionally, this high precision boring machine is equipped with a device for measuring the diameter of the boring hole and a boring depth control device. This further guarantees simple operation and high machining precision.
5. Designed with a longitudinal movable worktable and human-machine interface, our vertical fine boring machine is convenient to use.
6. The movement of each machine part is PLC controlled, so our vertical fine boring machine can realize automatic hole boring, spindle returning and boring parameter input, etc.

Technical parameters of vertical fine boring machines

Max. boring diameter ¢170mm
Max. boring depth 400mm
Max. drilling and reaming diameter ¢30mm
Rotational speed of the spindle 80-860r/min
Feeding of the spindle 14-810mm/min
Fast moving speed of the spindle 810mm/min
Travel of the spindle 590mm
Distance between spindle and worktable 0-500mm
Distance between spindle axis and carriage vertical plane 330mm
Max. longitudinal travel of the worktable 1100mm
Max. latitudinal travel of the worktable 80mm
Worktable size (W×L) 400x1250mm
Quantity of T slots on worktable 3
Dimension precision H7
Boring roughness Ra2.5μm
Main motor power 3kw
Overall dimension (L×W×H) 2100×1430×2010mm
Packaging dimension (L×W×H) 1820×1770×2190mm
Net weight/ gross weight 2500kg/2800kg

We produce vertical fine boring machines with wide variety of models. If you want to know more about our machines, we welcome you to contact us for samples. As a vertical boring machine supplier, we can provide a comprehensive range of other products, including cylinder honing machines, crankshaft grinding machines, among other auto repair equipment.

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