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Valve Boring Machine T8560

Valve Boring Machine T8560

The valve boring machine T8560 is a special equipment for repairing and boring the seat retainer hole of engine valve. The boring head case body and main shaft adopt the progressive flotation, thus the machine features exact centering, reliable repairing, high boring quality, handiness and high operation efficiency. It also can process various cylinder covers and multi-angular valve seat retainer holes.

1. The valve boring machine has the advantages of smooth movement of boring head case body, agile swing of main shaft and fast and exact positioning.
2. Equipped with turning jig, the machine then can achieve pneumatic locking and convenient operation.
3. The machine also has multi-specification cutter and setting spindle, so it can be used widely.
4. The valve boring machine is equipped with vacuum detection system for fast detection.
5. With special tool sharpener, the machine can smooth the operation of regrinding cutter.
6. After mounting drill & reamer, the valve boring machine then can carry out transformation of conduit hole.


Scope of boring valve seat retainer Φ20~Φ60 mm
Maximum dimension of processing cylinder cover (length*width*height) 1000×300×150 mm 600×200×220 mm
Adjustable range of main shaft speed 40~420 r/min
Vertical movement travel of main shaft 185 mm
Maximum swinging angle of main shaft -6degree ~+6 degree
Main shaft conic hole Mohs4#(M.T.4)
Movement range of boring head case body Transverse: -25 mm~+25 mm Transverse: 800 mm
Rear and front turn angle of jig body -30 degree ~ +30 degree
Total electric power 2.5 KW
Air supply requirement 0.7 Mpa 150 L/min
Net weight 1400 Kg
Overall dimension 1600×1100×2290 mm
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