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Link Pin Hole Heater

Link Pin Hole Heater

CRH60 series link pin hole heater is primarily designed to heat and expand pin holes on engine connecting rods. This engine repair equipment is also equipped with a fast assembling mechanism which functions to keep the size and position of assembled connecting rod, pin and piston stable.
Link pin hole heater is also applicable for heating assembly of some other machinery parts.

Why choose our link pin hole heater?
Firstly, this engine repair tool has a wide range of applications and is easy to use.
Secondly, its rationally designed heating method provides workpieces with uniformly heating.
Finally, our link pin hole heater has a fast heating and high efficiency. For example, with regard to a 4 cylinder engine, the link pin hole heater can finish the whole heating process in 10 minutes.

Specifications of link pin hole heater

Item Unit Data
Max. heating diameter Mm 60
Max. heating depth Mm 60
Single phase voltage V 1-220
Dimensions(L*W*H) mm 380*520*350
Machine weight kg 22

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