Oil Drainer

Oil Drainer

Y series pneumatic oil drainer is a safer useful device purposely developed for removal of used oil from automobile oil tanks. So, an oil drainer is widely used in auto repair and maintenance shops, household garages and similar likewise automobile waste oil clean-up applications.


Type Spec. Y3197 Y3090 Y3181
Capacity of tank 80Lt 80Lt 80Lt
Capacity of measuring glass 8Lt 8Lt 8Lt
Capacity of tray 10Lt 10Lt 10Lt
Working oil temperature 70℃~80℃ 70℃~80℃ 70℃~80℃
Oil inlet pressure -0.6~-0.85bar -0.6~-0.85bar -0.6~-0.85bar
Oil outlet pressure 0.5bar 0.5bar 0.5bar
Working height 148cm 148cm 148cm
Weight 29/31kg 26/28kg 24kg/25.5kg
Packaging Tank 43×50×87cm 43×50×87cm 43×50×87cm
Graduate 27×27×53cm 27×27×53cm -
Tray 41×41×13.5cm - 41×41×13.5cm


Model Feature
Y3197 Y3197 series oil drainer is equipped with a waste oil collection tray. Drain and collect all in one.
High transparent graduated cylinder for monitoring and measuring oil flow is also available.
All our oil drainers are equipped with reservoirs for collecting while draining the waste oil from engines, gearbox and other fluids from vehicles.
Pneumatically drains waste oil at a safer working environment
Y3090 Y3090 series oil drainer is equipped with transparent graduated cylinder.
Waste oil collection tray is unavailable.
Y3181 This oil drainer is equipped with waste oil collection tray. Graduated cylinder is unavailable.

We are one of the primary oil drainer suppliers and exporters in China. We really appreciate your interest in our company. We has been in auto inspection equipment, auto repair equipment and automobile maintenance equipment marketing business since 1993. Till now, we have established cooperative relationship with customers from South America, Southeast Asia and the Middle East, etc. This proves that our products are surely reliable in performance and reasonable in price.
If you are looking for oil drainers, tire changers, vertical grinding machines, and headlight testers, etc., please contact with us immediately. We look forward to your inquiries and orders.

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