Bus Lift

Bus Lift

1. YQJZ series bus lifter is heavy duty equipment built with high strength steel manufactured purposely for lifting automobiles,big tour buses, heavy vehicles, and much more. At We, a professional vehicle lift supplier, we can provide both four post bus lifts and six post bus lifts.
2. YQJZ series bus lifter is used in auto manufacturing industries, auto repair outlets, household garage and much more similar applications.

1. Our YQJZ series bus lift is extremely stable and much easier to use. Its high strength steel framing highly guarantees its durability.
2. This vehicle lifting equipment is designed with an excellent speed reducer, an efficient synchronized operation system, and positional lock function.
3. YQJZ series bus lifter is multifunctional by which it can implement its operations by 4 or 6 columns as may be required.
4. This auto maintenance equipment has obtained the European 2006 CE certificate.


Type Lifting capacity of single post (t) Maximum lifting height (mm) Lifting speed (mm/s) Power (kw) Voltage(V) Control Voltage (V) Package size(mm) Weight(kg)
YQJZ2.5 2.5 1500 10 1.5 380 24 1100x1100x2570 350
YQJZ5.0 5.0 1500 10 3.0 380 24 1120x1100x2600 580
YQJZ5.5 5.5 1500 10 3.0 380 24 1200x1100x2600 600
YQJZ7.5 7.5 1500 10 3.0 380 24 1140x1150x2600 750
YQJZ10.0 10.0 1500 10 4.0 380 24 1140x1200x2600 900

In addition to bus lifts, we can also provide many other vehicle service tools, like tire changers, wheel balancers, and oil drainers, and more. SAIE is ISO9000 certified. All our products, like auto maintenance equipment, auto repair equipment, auto inspection equipment, are CE certified. With our reliable product performance, economical prices, and large product inventory, we have won many customers in South America, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East, among others.
If you have any need of our products, please send inquiries or give us phone calls.

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