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Cylinder Honing Machine

Cylinder Honing Machine

Where is a cylinder honing machine used?
According to the different diameters of boring holes, our 3MB98 series cylinder honing machine falls into two categories, that is, 3MB9808 and 3MB9817 honing machines.
As a kind of cylinder repair kit, 3MB9808 series cylinder honing machine can be used for honing engine cylinders of motorcycles, automobiles, tractors, and so on. It can also be used for processing some other machinery parts.
3MB9817 series cylinder honing machines are applicable for honing straight-engine cylinders and V-type-engine cylinders of motor cycles, tractors, autocars, heavy duty trucks, engineering machinery, and coaches, and more. This cylinder honing tool is also commonly used to refurbish and rebuild cylinders of tractor engines and motorcycle engines.

Technical Advantages

3MB9808 Cylinder Honing Machines 3MB9817 Cylinder Honing Machines
1. This cylinder honing equipment has a compact structure and small size.
2. It is easy to operate, either by manual operation or mechanical operation.
3. When the main spindle moving up and down, the precision of direction-switch is less than 0.4mm.
4. The main spindle moves up and down, so it is easy to adjust.
5. This honing head is characterized by good rigidity and large polishing amount.
1. The worktable of this cylinder honing machine can be rotated at a angle of 0°, 30°, or 45°.
2. Its worktable can be moved up and down at 0-180mm.
3. When the main spindle moving up and down, the precision of direction-switch is less than 0.4mm.
4. The overlapping curves on polished surface can be overlapped at an angle ranging from 0° to 90°.
5. Reciprocating speed of moving up and down: 0-30m/min
6. Our cylinder honing tool is easy to operate and has a high production capacity.
7. Good rigidity and large polishing amount.

Technical Specifications

Model of Cylinder Honing Machine 3MB9808 3MB9817
Diameter of honed hole 25-82mm 25-170mm
Maximum depth of honed hole 200mm 320mm
Rotational speed of the main spindle 200; 280 r/min (2spets) 120; 160; 225; 290r/min (4spets)
Reciprocating speed of the main spindle 19, 27 times/min (2spets) 35, 44, 65 times/min (3spets)
Maximum travel of the main spindle 70mm
Power of honing head motor 0.55 kw 1.5kw
Power of cooling pump motor 0.09 kw 0.125kw
Honing area 600×380mm 1400 × 870mm
Overall dimensions (L×W×H) 600 × 850 ×1950 mm 1640 × 1670 × 1920 mm
Machine weight 500kg 1000kg

We are a cylinder honing machine supplier and exporter based in China. Our company is located in Shanghai where there are airports, throughways, and seaports. So, our transportation costs and customers international freight charges are greatly reduced.
In addition to cylinder repair kits, we can also provide many other auto repair equipment, like vertical boring machines, crankshaft grinding machines, etc. Auto inspection equipment and auto maintenance equipment are also available here. Welcome to contact us for more information.

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