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Air Floating Cylinder Boring Machine

Air Floating Cylinder Boring Machine

The air floating cylinder boring machine is primarily used for boring vertical and V-type engine cylinders of motorcycles, automobiles, middle and small tractors.

1. The cylinder boring machine is light, reliable, rigid and easy to operate
2. Air floating results in precise and fast positioning
3. Reasonable distribution of speed
4. Presetting cutter measurement device
5. Vertical measurement device

Technical Parameters of Air Floating Cylinder Boring Machine

Item Parameters Unit
1 Boring diameter mm 39-160
2 Max. boring depth(mm) mm 320
3 Steps of spindle speed Step 4
4 Spindle speed r/min 125,185,250,370 150,220,300,440
5 Spindle feed mm/r 0.09
6 Spindle quick reset mm/s 7/10.5 8.4/12.6
7 Main tech parameters of motor
Power Kw 0.85/1.1
Voltage V 3-380 3-220
Speed r/min 1440/2280 1720/3440
Frequency Hz 50 60
Type Vertical
8 Working pressure Mpa 0.6< P≤0.8
9 Range of centering rod mm φ39-φ45.5(Optional) φ45-φ52.5(Optional) φ52-φ59.5 φ59-φ66.5 φ66-φ73 φ72-φ86.5 φ86-φ101.5 φ101-φ116.5 φ116-φ131.5 φ131-φ146.5 φ146-φ160
10 φ50 Spindle φ51-φ73
11 φ38 Spindle(Optional) φ39-φ52
12 Dimension(L×W×H) mm 126×1072×1970
13 Weight Kg 1300
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