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ECU Programming Tool

Digimaster-II ECU Programming Tool

1. The Digimaster-II ECU programming tool is widely used for odometer adjustment, audio decoding, airbag resetting, anti-theft code reading, ECU computer programming, and auto repair and so on.
2. It also can be applied for online upgrading and directly browsing pictures on handset.

1. Local operation: touch screen, keyboard
2. Remote operation: PC internet operation
3. LCD: 320*240 TFT color screen
4. Port: USB interface and Serial Adapter port
5. Power supply: 12V DC
6. CF card: 2GB
7. Available in four languages: English, German, Chinese and Japanese

1. The programming tool can conduct adjustment for the following model vehicles. Via OBD-II interface, the tool can adjust the BMW 7 Series E65 CAS, Audi, Volkswagen, Benz, BMW, and A6L and Q7 Series (since 2008).
2. Through CAN, BMW 1/3/5/7 Series (E87、E90、E91、E60、E6X、E66 CAS) can be adjusted, and the programming tool also can directly adjust the Mercedes Benz W203/ W211 instrument without EIS processing.
3. The programming tool is also applied for BMW MINI Series (since 2003), Land Rover Series, and Mercedes Benz S/C/E Series and (EIS) ignition control module, Hyundai/Peugeot/Renault/Honda/Citroen (NEC CPU).
4. It can read the Motorola Series (CPU) including its Encryption Series products and adjust the single chip instrument of China-made vehicles.

Free updating for life! If you have any new vehicle which is not listed in the Digimaster II, you can send it to us for help and in next updating we will offer you a free updating for that kind of vehicle.

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