Wheel Aligner

Wheel Aligner

1. KT-006 four wheel aligner is widely used in vehicles repair shops, tyre suppliers, 4S stores as well as household garage.
2. Wheel alignment equipment has the capabilities of measuring the alignment parameter of wheels and adjusting the angles as to meet the car maker's specifications. This adjustment is purposely done to reduce tyre wear, and to make sure the movement of automobiles are accurately straight. Wheel aligners are widely used for measuring and adjusting angle parameters including camber, caster, toe-in and SAI, etc.

The following are the functions of wheel aligners.
1. Avoid vehicle accidences.
2. Avoid wearing of tyres.
3. Maintenance a clear-cut straight movement of automobiles as would be required by the driver.
4. Increases confidence and sense of control.
5. A reduction in fuel usage.
6. Avoid friction or contacts between the wheel and the suspended components.

What is the difference between a wheel balancer and a four wheel aligner?
If a wheel is not balance, it will cause vibration at high speeds that can be felt in the steering wheel. Then, a wheel balancing equipment is needed.
If the alignment is out of order, it can cause excessive tyre wear and steering or tracking inconveniences. Then, a four wheel aligner is needed.

Technical parameters of wheel aligner

Measured angle Measuring accuracy Measuring range
Toe-in ±0.04° ± 4°
Camber angle ±0.04° ±10°
Caster angle ±0.04° ±12°
Font and rear setback angle ±0.04° ± 2°
Kingpin inclination angle ±0.04° ±18°
Thrust angle ±0.04° ± 4°

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